Rockin’ at midnight

Objavljeno v Glasba, Led Zeppelin, Moje življenje, Poezija in proza avtor samokodela
YouTube slika preogleda

Poje Robert Plant, besedilo je moje!

Oh come on man, it was such a great time,
you don’t want to leave it before the prime,
she is so pretty
and when she gets drunk, she will turn back to you!
Wait at atleast till 4′o clock,
maybe she will start to rock!
But hey she laughed at my biggest pain,
and she talked to a nice, warm guy
without a glance at my fry!
I don’t really know her yet, ooh mine,
and I don’t care so far down the line,
if I’ll be thirty two, before I meet her again,
or some other girl that will like my refrain,
and understand me more in the drunk of night
and rule out completely the evil red eye district!
I’ll give her the music and something spectacular,
after all even with all the love and care and goodness,
with this kind of voice, I guees they are all waiting for something more!
Yeah baby, I’m getting there and I don’t care,
if I sleep another night, with my own affair!

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