Love song

Objavljeno v Poezija in proza avtor samokodela

Poezija v angleščini! Ne vem zakaj, kar tako se je porodila!

I know it’s out of this world,
but yes it hurts me,
because that’s how I was,
so naive and madly in love
and it’s bizzare to even ask for it,
such is life,
but I’m gonna say it,
that I needed you to be,
the kind of a woman,
to which I could be,
a naive fool, lost and open,
burning up in the soul
and totally vonourable
and still treated only with love!
This is very hard to expect,
but it can be hoped and said
and filled with pain,
that claims wishing exactly all this,
from everbody, is reasonable,

I didn’t demand that much change from you,
Isn’t it all just a little thing or two?!
And I’ve been accused of some strange things too,
but its weird either you or anyone,
has almost never in my adult life,
(except someone who’s job it is,
to be solving everything,
but he’s just calming down,
all that landed there,
with some reason or a lot)
sat down with me,
and asked me to change anything,
believe me I would always,
at least deeply consider it,
if not change it for you,
everyone has things to change,
yet it’s very far from common practice!
What people do, is accuse and don’t forgive
and don’t progress and they fight,
as if in their souls there is no
heartfelt reasoned flight,
that always brings back more love,
when we have to leave each other,
for painful solitude!
I wish I would never be one of them,
maybe then I could complain,
now I have to fight for the good
and love as much as I can!

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