Robert Plant: Moonlight in Samosa(live)

Objavljeno v Glasba, Led Zeppelin avtor samokodela

Time and again I see you walking down the street
Over and over, just like before
Once in a while you stop and say hello to me
Just like you used to do before
Time and again, it’s like we were in love and then
Over and over – nobody keeping score
Once in a while I think you notice when I smile
That love still lingers in my eyes

It can’t go wrong, it can’t go wrong
It lingers on, it lingers on

Day after day I turn it over in my mind
Dream after dream it’s hard to tell you how I find
Out of the blue I’m suddenly so close to you
Despite the years that I’ve been gone
Will you stop – will you wait a minute – please remember
Can you stop – can you just give me one minute to explain
I will not cause a fuss, I will not rock the boat – believe me darling
Oh what is, what was, it’s all the same

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